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@Tour de France inside with GoPro

Last week I had the great opportunity to experience the "Tour de France inside" with GoPro.

I had 3 days full of fun, action and new impressions.

After the arrival at Toulouse airport we had a short drive trough the city to the centre of Toulouse. I didn't expext that Toulouse is such a pretty and cozy town with small streets and café's. We were based at Novotel Centre Wilson, a nice and clean business hotel - perfect for trips in and around Toulouse.

After a meet and greet with the GoPro stuff and several other participants we got a crash course in "How I use a GoPro to get best shots, videos and edits of my adventure". What a cool and easy action cam. I am a really beginner with action cams, but it was really not a problem to create a cool video with the cam and the "Quik" app.

On tuesday was the day of the day. We got the chance to ride the last 30 km of the stage 10 of #TDF2016 from Castelnaudardy to Revel. Our bikes were prepared the day before and were waiting for us with a yellow "Tour de France" helmet ..:-D... Everybody was preparing their GoPro's and was chatting about what is the best first setting...after a while we were "Ready for take off".

30 km were waiting for us and to group started to a once in a lifetime experience...:-). We were rockin' the road and had so much fun playing with the cams and get the best shots. Even in the morning the fans and spectators lined the streets and cheer on us. I felt really like a Pro..:-D..

We stopped several times to change the settings. Last stop was 1 km before the finish line.

And thaaaaan we "finished" and got our "yellow jersey" on the was a blast.

The next day we went to Carcassonne to see the start of stage 11 - "Tour de France inside". We got entry to the VIP area - amazing to be a little bit behind the scenes.

Tons of people lined up the street and were waiting for the daily "carnival procession" of sponsors and teams. I felt like carnival in Cologne..;-)...and tried to catching small gifts.

After that the big team busses arrived and lined up along the street next to the VIP area. Perfect for me as GIANT ALPECIN fan..:-)). I met Georg Preidler and Simon Geschke - crazy.

Start was planned for 13:30. At 1 pm we went to the start line and got the chance to get behind the blocking off. Every rider got introduced by a presenter and got a big applause from the fans. With a countdown and the cheering of the spectators the riders started the stage 11. What an awesome experience for me.

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